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A power-packed coaching package that will answer questions and prepare you for your next tough interview.

Interview strategy development and preparation truly enhances your interview performance. It forces you to become aware of the interview process, what to expect and your reaction to it. The information you gather for this coaching package will significantly increase your preparedness for future interviews and will help to grow your interview confidence.

Interviews come in different styles, lengths, and with different agendas. This process helps you to become aware of the small but important factors that play into a successful interview and increase the offers extended.

Make the interview an even playing field with this extensive interview program. I will help you prepare through education, tips and strategies, and practice with expected and unexpected questions. We will work to improve your confidence during interviews and gain insight on how to stay calm and still come across interesting and the right fit for the job. Learn tips for that will instantly improve your chances for success.

This coaching package usually takes requires 1-2 coaching calls. Included in the program is preparation before, during and after the interview, research techniques, verbal and non-verbal communication styles, question preparation, salary negotiations, thank-you notes, reference sheets, follow up, and much more.

If you haven’t been offered the job — maybe it's time to give me a call!