When Your Next Job Opportunity Shows Up, Will You Be Ready?

Adventures usually come when we least expect them. Being ready for the unexpected helps us to identify opportunities when they present themselves and not miss out. But, how can we do this when we do not know what to expect?

To prepare for the unexpected, think about what we would want to come our way. Career-speaking, for most it would be an ideal position with an ideal company.

Knowing what our ideal adventure looks like, makes it a little easier to become and stay prepared. It allows us to maintain control of our career, response and not just react, when unexpected things show up. And, helps us to determine we consider a good opportunity.

If something less than your highest choice came along as an opportunity, we would probably pass over it anyway, since it is not what we are truly looking for.

 A client of mine is looking to begin working for himself, and a big part of recent coaching calls have been focused on what his own business would look like, and how he could sustain financially, until his own business could provide for himself and his family. While developing his plans for his new business, he has increased his networking within his industry, to find mentors, collaborators, cheerleaders, and potential clients.

Late last week, a company reached out to him, they had heard about him through a conversation he had with someone in his network. His updated LinkedIn profile, content-rich engagement on LinkedIn and extensive networking had grabbed their attention. After a long conversation with a director and executive with the company, they decided to speak face-to-face.

Early next week he is being flown to meet with the owner and marketing executives to discuss a working partnership. Although he wants to work for himself. This opportunity solves many immediate financial issues.  With this role, he can continue the launch and growth of his consulting business, while working full-time with full benefits.

This means keeping your resume and LinkedIn profile updated with key words, achievements, and some of your personality, ideas, and passions. It also means building relationships and continuing to grow your network even if you are already in your dream job. The more you engage on LinkedIn, within your industry, and professional community, the more you will be recognized as highly knowledgeable, an expert, or an influencer.

My client was not looking, but he has been preparing his resume, bio, LinkedIn profile, and building a website, creating content, and engaging on social media (especially LinkedIn) to build his personal brand as a qualified and experienced professional. While doing so he caught the attention of an unexpected opportunity. Be ready – to be ready!

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