Phone Interviews – The Overlooked First Step

The phone interview is often a precursor to the traditional face-to-face interview. It is an important part of the weeding out process. With companies looking for ways to cut back, the phone interview works well to save companies money and time.

In order to really nail the phone interview you must prepare for it – just as you should for the traditional, in person interview. Preparation for the interview includes reviewing the job description and website. Use Google to research the company to find out what is going on in the company and in the industry. Also, look into what competitors are up to and where they are headed in comparison to your target company.

Once you’ve got enough information on the company to feel comfortable discussing some of the issue it is facing, you’ll need to prepare a place to conduct the interview. Make sure you are in a quiet place in your house for the interview. If you are in a public place it too is needs to be quiet, so you can hear each other without distraction. Turn off the TV, other phones, voice mail, call waiting and any other gadgets that might distract you during the interview.

Have your resume, notes on key points you want to make, examples or success stories you’d like to share and paper and pen to write with. Also, write down their name and keep it in plain sight while you are talking with them. No drinking or eating during the interview either!

During the interview you will need to sell yourself using only your voice. In a traditional, face-to-face interview you’ve got your whole body to convey messages and with a phone interview it is your voice. But, it is the articulation, inflection, sighs, laughing, pace, the pauses, and the words used that will grab their attention. Think before you speak and listen really well. Let the interviewer ask the full question before answering – you know what happens if you assume…

Further tips include smiling during the interview to sound more welcoming and confident, standing during the interview for better breath control and wearing a professional outfit such as a suite to put you in a more formal, professional frame of mind.

Take the phone interview as serious as you would a traditional interview. Prepare, practice, and really sell yourself for best results!! Shine On---

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